Waterloo Space Society

Who are we?

Waterloo Space Society is a group of students united by a common love of space. We host frequent events throughout the term, including stargazing bonfires, guest lectures, social nights, and weekly general meetings where we discuss space news. WSS is affiliated with FEDS and the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Upcoming Events

Beginning of Term (BOT) Event

Come celebrate the start of a new semester with Space Society! We will be meeting on Thursday, January 25th at 5:30pm in PHYS 313 to discuss all the amazing events we have planned for this term. Free star/fox cookies! Elections for executive positions will also be held, if you're interested in being a part of the Space Soc team!

Cronyn Observatory Tour

Join us on February 2nd for a tour of the Cronyn Observatory at Western University! We will be organizing a car pool leaving at 11am from UW, returning at around 9pm. Weather permitting, we will have the chance for solar and night-sky observing at Cronyn, as well as pizza and astronomy discussion with the students and faculty of Western's Astronomy department. This is a free event, just pitch in for gas!

Past Events


In the summer and early fall, we host biweekly 'astrofires': stargazing nights / bonfires at the Columbia Lake Firepits.

End of Term Event: Space Social Night

We had a stellar turnout for our end of term social night. Space fans from across campus gathered in PHYS 308 for an evening of Smash Bros, pizza, and Jupiter Ascending. Good luck with exams and see you all again next term!

Observatory Night

Thanks to observatory coordinator Victor Arora, WSS's observatory night on July 6th was a big success! Unfortunately we weren't able to do any dome observing due to ongoing construction on the roof of the physics building, but Victor gave us an amazing (and humorous) talk on the night sky. After the talk, we set up some portable telescopes in front of the physics building to observe the Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter.

Kerbal Space Party

On June 27th, WSS gathered in EV3 1408 to play Kerbal Space Program (and eat pizza, can't forget the pizza). Some people landed on the Mun, some people abandoned their Kerbals on Laythe, some people built rockets that looked like fidget spinners. By the end of the night, we had devoured two XL pizzas and sent twenty brave Kerbals to their doom. That's the definition of a successful space mission.