Waterloo Space Society

Minutes -- Weekly General Meetings

As of July 2017, minutes from our weekly general meetings will be archived here.

July 12th, 2017

For our last meeting of the term, we covered our EOT event for tomorrow, potential Astro-fires, plans for next term, and space news one last time.

Our EOT event is on for tomorrow! It will start at 5:30pm in PHY 308. We will have some games such as trivia (GeekOut!) and Cards Against Humanity (with special science cards). There will be free pizza and popcorn, and the movie Jupiter Ascending will start at 7pm. There will also be 8-player smash, so if you have any spare Wii remotes/nun-chucks/classic controllers, or a 3DS that will connect to the WiiU, then please bring them!

If you feel that you’ve missed out on Astro-fires, then don’t lose hope! We may or may not still have a couple more coming before next term. Depending on how many people want one, we might have one the weekend of the 22nd, organized outside of our meetings. There is also a meteor shower coming up on August 12th, so some of our members will probably be going to see them outside of the Space Society (since it’s after this term). Stay tuned to our Facebook page to see what’s happening!

For next term, most of us on the executive team will be gone, so Justin Robinson will be the president. Expect some collaborations with WatSAT!

Last but not least, a final dose of space news! For the first time, we have built a supersonic jet that can fly at Mach 1.4 and not produce a sonic boom; NASA has made plans to put nuclear reactors on Mars to provide a source of power for when we get there; We have recently detected gravitational waves from two orbiting super-massive black holes a few hundred million light years away from us, making this one of the biggest black hole discoveries as of yet; Elon Musk has published a paper on how to colonize Mars!

Daniel Pracsovics,

July 5th, 2017

To start off this meeting, we talked about our private tour of the Gustav Bakos telescope on the physics building which we are having tonight (July 6th). We will meet in PHY 150 at 9:00pm. The tour will start off with a half-hour lecture on telescopes followed by observing time on the telescope. Due to construction, currently underway, on the physics building roof, we may not be able to do the full tour, but we will have observing time nonetheless.

Our next Astro-fire will be on Saturday, July 8th, at 9:30pm. Food is $2, and there will be s’mores and hotdogs with the condiments. We will have at least three telescopes out to look at the moon, Saturn, and Jupiter, and we’ll even have some astrophotography set up to look at some deep sky objects!

We will start moving some of our storage from our SLC locker to our new B1 locker this week.

We will also begin repairing our Dobsonian telescope on Saturday before the Astro-fire.

Lastly, we planned our EOT event for next week. Get excited! We will be having a social/movie night on July 13th, 5:30pm, where we will be watching the hilariously unrealistic movie “Jupiter Ascending”, with some video/board games on the side. Expect some smashing 8-player Smash! There will also be pizza and popcorn, so now you can’t refuse.

We covered some exciting space news this week too: Kepler recently found 10 new rocky planets, along with 209 others; China has just launched a quantum science satellite, starting the race for a secure quantum internet; a space worm on the ISS has grown two heads!

Daniel Pracsovics,